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All author proceeds from Native are donated to One Spirit, an award winning top-rated non-profit 501(c)3 charity aimed at helping the Lakota to meet their basic needs, and provide a culturally rich life for their youth – see www.nativeprogress.org


M anifest Destiny is a fictional trilogy set in 1860’s North America at a time when the flood of migrants from Europe is reaching its peak. It draws upon elements of historical fact to add authenticity to a story of irreconcilable cultures, as the US administration employs appalling political and military tactics to oust Native American Indians from their ancestral lands.
Caught up in the consequence of the ambition and vengeance of a Minnesotan Senator, Theodore Winthrop, a young Lakota Sioux Indian, Takoda, and the daughter of Ukrainian migrants, Carla Kopp, are thrown together by circumstance. They suffer brutal abuse and personal tragedy, but find solace in their love for one another until their family is ripped apart by the new Indian Assimilation policy. Book one, entitled Native, is due for publication on 18th October 2017 and book two is already complete. The final book in the series is in the process of development.


Inspired by the deep spiritual values of the Lakota people, Native is written with respectful reverence to this extraordinary native American tribe. It is impossible to convey the detail of the beliefs, traditions, ceremonies and history that have shaped Lakota culture, but it is an inescapable truth that modern society would do well to listen to their wisdom, and learn. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans landed on the East Coast of America in the mid to late 1800’s intent upon forging new and more prosperous lives in a country that promised opportunity and equality for all, irrespective of ethnicity or faith. However, the journey across the Great Plains to reach their destination was fraught with hardship and danger.

Carla Kopp is the daughter of Ukrainian settlers heading for fertile lands in Montana Territory. She is a warm and exuberant girl, enthralled by the enormity of the rugged lands navigated by her wagon train and captivated by the flora and fauna of the vast wilderness, but her family finds every step along the trail an intolerable ordeal so she befriends a kindly old Quaker couple to maintain her sanity.
Insulated from the impending consequences of the breach of the American frontier Takoda lives a traditional life, immersed in the peaceful culture of his people, who follow the annual buffalo migration, pursuing a nomadic lifestyle governed by the cycles of nature. Takoda and Carla’s lives are destined to collide, but not before tragedy and misfortune strike Takoda’s family unexpectedly and he is cast into the brutal clutches of renegade beaver trappers and a ferociously committed group of buffalo hunters. However, there are more influences at play than meet the eye. Senator Winthrop is determined to rid the Great Plains of the native tribes, settling an old score whilst exploiting every opportunity to enhance his own wealth in the process. Indeed, conflict between the plains tribes and the US military provides an opportunity for Winthrop to plan the theft of a shipment of government gold, heightening tensions with the Lakota by blaming Red Cloud for its loss. These actions represent the beginning of a series of tragic events, betrayal, and intolerable injustice that unfold throughout the Manifest Destiny trilogy, and which eventually drive the Lakota from their ancestral lands, condemning them to live in abject poverty on barren reservations as steps are taken to systematically undermine their culture.

Writer’s bio

A s a young boy, growing up in London, the highlight of Mike’s week was the visit to his grandfather Frank’s farm near Beaconsfield. Mending the fences, sitting on Frank’s knee and steering the old land rover around the fields, feeding the horses or just walking in the woods, his connection with the land and zest for the outdoors was deeply engrained. Whimsical dreams of living on a ranch in America or working with exotic wildlife in Africa were at the heart of his childhood aspirations, but seemed little more than extravagant flights of fancy.