Book cover for Native

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Cover page to Native by Mike J Sparrow

Don't judge a book by its cover, or so it is said. But, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even pick a book up to read the back cover blurb if I didn't like the picture on the front. The bookstore contains a dizzying array of choice, so you have to get noticed.

I wanted something evocative, masterful and reflective of the period in which the story was set, and Five Star publishing were committed to engaging their graphic design expertise to assist, so I was called upon to summarise my ideas and contribute to their process. A list of the characters and a summary of the various threads of the storyline did little more than complicate, confuse and frustrate. I couldn't envisage an image that would have the simplicity, depth and textural tone necessary to convey the style of the novel. A review of on-line images seemed to provide no more optimism. Then, I found the works of Matthew Schwartz, Spadecaller.

Native American Sioux with Bison by Matthew Schwartz, Spadecaller

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