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Dakota Access Pipeline re-routed

Book 2

T he story of Takoda's life-changing experiences continues in book two, Love Deceit and Glory, as he is exposed to more of the influences of European culture, and he commits himself to trying to expose the forces behind the systematic extermination of the sacred buffalo herds.
Edward and Mary May, Carla’s Quaker friends survive their first severe winter on their new farm only because of Takoda’s assistance. However, every step of their quest to establish a sustainable future is plagued by the vindictive actions of Carla’s dysfunctional family, particularly her brother Johannes who harbours a simmering hatred for the old couple.
The buffalo hunting becomes more intense, leaving the Great Plains scarred with rotting carcasses that have been stripped of their hides and left to fester. The Lakota are distraught and fight back, but the hunting is unrelenting, and prompted by Winthrop’s insidious influence government policy and military intervention is aimed at attempting to force the Lakota into a treaty negotiation designed to dilute the scale of the reservation enshrined in the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851.
Takoda’s affection for Carla and his loyalty to her friends converge with the obligation he feels to defend his tribal values, and he ends up entangled in the subterfuge surrounding Winthrop’s theft of gold.

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  1. Anna Holloway says:

    Hey, you stopped in my store in early summer and I bought a few of your books. I am interested in more!

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