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LONE WOLF – Manifest Destiny, Book two

Book 3

T akoda is reunited with his tribe, but much has changed. The Lakota are at war, fighting to repel military incursion into their cherished lands in the Powder River Basin. The buffalo herds have been decimated and many of the plains people are being forced to consider moving onto government reservations.
Red Cloud stands firm as the last bastion of resistance until the government capitulates and agreed to withdraw from the Powder River, creating the conditions for Treaty discussions which result in the grant, in perpetuity, of a Great Sioux Reservation to include the both the Powder River Basin and the sacred Black Hills.
However, the spirit of the Treaty quickly falls into disarray, the Lakota who move to the government reservations being denied essential supplies they have been promised, and left without adequate food to survive the winter.
T housands die of starvation and hypothermia, but rather than providing assistance Indian policy hardens as Congress agrees to a series of measures designed to impose assimilation, including implementation of the Indian Boarding School system following which Lakota children are forcibly removed from their families and sent to schools scattered around the US where they will be obliged to renounce their cultural heritage.
Takoda’s unique experience of living with the white man places him at the centre of negotiations and brings him into conflict not only with corrupt officials and Winthrop’s emissaries, but with his own tribe. What will become of his people, his family, and the way of life that he holds so dear?

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